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Introducing the Roam App, the smart way to unlock your phone's earning potential by scanning for mobile coverage and earning points on the go.

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Roam 2 Earn

How Do I Earn points?

Earning points is simple – just keep the Roam App running on your phone. We cannot specify which activities are rewarded, as this may encourage users to exploit the system. Reward distribution will be launched in Q4 2023

What Rewards Do I Get?

We reward users with utility points and credits, which vary by country and are distributed based on daily activities and achieved quality measurements. Our algorithm for reward distribution automatically adjusts to your activity based on supply and demand economics, as well as the value of collected data on the local market.

What Can I Do With My Rewards?

Roam Credits will be convertible into our own utility token, while Roam Points will unlock additional tasks to participate in the community activities and unlock even more Roam Credits.

Do You Sell My Data?

We only collect the data that your phone measures and that you have allowed us to collect. Unlike other apps on your smartphone that require access to your phone's telephony services, storage, and location without providing any benefit to you, we use your collected data to generate value for you. We share back with you the revenue your phone generates through the Roam App.

How Long Does It Take to Earn Rewards?

We distribute rewards every 24 hours to users who have actively used our platform and who have not violated our terms and conditions. After earning Roam Credits, you can convert them into our planned Roam tokens, which you can then stake or exchange for other tokens.

Does Roam App Affect My Phone Battery?

We have designed the Roam App to use minimal battery and processing power on your smartphone. To see how much battery Roam App is using, you can check the 'information' section of the app where you will find the relative consumption percentage.