Core Team

Our team at Roam Network shares a powerful vision of a connected and empowered world, made possible through the transformative potential of blockchain technology. 
With 60+ years of experience in Telco and over a decade in Blockchain technologies, we are uniquely positioned to create decentralized wireless networks that can optimize traditional telco infrastructure. This allows us to provide reliable and secure communication for people everywhere.

Michail Angelov
CEO & Co-founder
Previously: Nokia, Zumtobel, IoTNet
Michael Malka
CTO Web3 & Co-founder
Previously: Streamr, Tx, Silta
CGO & Co-Founder
Previously: GoArt, IKZ Consultancy
We are Hiring!
Developer, Contributor
Multiple roles available!


Nikke Nylund
Founder, CSO Streamr
Henri Pihkala
Founder, CEO at Streamr
Heikki Almay
Innovator, entrepreneur, telecom architect
Ben Sheppard
Co Founder at Silta Finance
Mark Little
CMO, COO, founder, advisor. All things web3 and crypto.
Topi Siniketo
Legal Advisor
Lawrence Latham
Digital Disruptor & CEO at Everynet BV