Welcome to the Roam Quest Rally App!

Community Manager
May 2, 2024

Hello Roamsters! 👋 

Today we want to invite you to join an amazing journey where you will meet new friends, make new connections and enjoy lots of rewards while helping our Community grow and become stronger. Experience a new level of growth activities and enter a whole new and redesigned world by becoming part of our awesome Roam Network Community and joining today our super cool, brand new Quest Rally App!

We want you to be part of this incredible journey and help us spread the word about what we do and who we are; our plans, our goals and help us promote our super cool, useful and promising products and solutions to whoever you know. Learn how you can grab amazing rewards while having fun every day! Are you ready to know more about our special Quest Rally App? Keep reading!


✅ What is the Quest Rally App?

The Roam Quest Rally App (hereafter referred to as "Rally App") is a dynamic platform offering a monthly co-creation competition where participants can win exciting prizes, including cash rewards and our very own Roam Points. By engaging with our app, you'll help us reach new users and spread the word about our mission. Rally App is not just about rewards—it's your gateway to becoming a more integrated part of our community.

❓ How do RPs and App´s Levels work?

To recognize and reward the efforts of our most active members, we've developed a points and levels system within the Rally App. By participating in various activities within the app, users earn RPs (Rally Points), which reflect their contribution and engagement. These points are not monetary nor tradable outside our platform but serve to enhance your experience by unlocking special features and functionalities within our network. The more RPs you collect, the higher you'll rank, and the better your potential rewards within the app ecosystem.

Rally App will have 5 Ranks and 3 Top Special Prizes per each Month!

When the Contest ends, users in the Leaderboard will have a final position, depending on the rank they belong to, they will be rewarded as follows:

Rank 51-100 (Epic Explorer): This is the lower rank in the App that will receive rewards in exchange for their efforts. Roamsters of this rank will earn $2 USDT and 1500 Roam App Points each one.

Rank 21-50 (Top Roamer): Roamsters of this rank will earn $5 USDT and 2250 Roam App Points.

Rank 11-20 (Supreme Roamer): Roamsters of this rank will earn $10 USDT and 3000 Roam App Points.

Rank 6-10 (Roam Royalty): Roamsters of this rank will earn $20 USDT and 6000 Roam App Points.

Rank 4-5 (Roam Legend): Roamsters of this rank will earn $30 USDT and 9000 Roam App Points.


3rd Place (Quest Champion): The 3rd placed Roamster will earn $75 USDT and 15000 Roam App Points for his/her exceptional commitment.

2nd Place (Quest Conqueror): The reward for the 2nd placed Roamster will be $125 USDT and 22500 Roam App Points in recognition of such outstanding achievement!

1st Place (RPTitan): Mastering the whole Leaderboard is not easy so the Titan Roamster will earn $200 USDT and 37500 Roam App Points as a very SPECIAL REWARD!

All together we will reward $1000 USDT  and +300K Roam App Points each month to participants onboarding our Rally App!

The Roam App Points are specifically designed to enhance your user experience within the Roam Network. There will be future utility tokens that can be redeemed to access premium features, exclusive content, and advanced functionalities within our platform. These tokens are intended to be used solely within the Roam ecosystem and do not represent any form of investment, but rather, they are tools to help you engage more deeply with what the Roam Community has to offer.

💸 How do you earn RPs?

You can earn RPs in different ways, but typically, you will need to engage with different tasks or quests and complete them the correct way in order to earn those sweet RPs.


Rally App´s Task Feed

Complete lots of tasks to receive lots of RPs in exchange! You will be able to complete some of the tasks only ONCE but some other tasks will have a DAILY or a WEEKLY frequency. So make sure to enter each day hunting for new and fresh tasks for you to complete!

Some tasks may also have quizzes attached. These kinds of tasks will enable the Roam Community to learn and become passionate about what we do and our existing and upcoming products and services; and will also add an extra layer of mysticism and fun that we can bet our users will enjoy while completing these kinds of tasks. 😉

You can also earn RPs by REFERRING FRIENDS to become new users. The more people you refer to the App, the more RPs you will earn and the faster you will climb to the top!

🎰 Try your luck with our Jackpot Machine!

Spin the Jackpot and EARN amazing prizes every day!

This is another way for you to earn lots of super cool prizes and even get more RPs each day! 

All you need to do is head over daily and spin the jackpot machine to try your chance at winning a jackpot and earn additional prizes like more RPs, Roam App Points and even CASH! 

It’s another incentive to try and earn the highest level of our Rally App. Rewards will either be delivered instantly or within a few days depending on what you win!

🥇 A Leaderboard… and even more!

We all agree that it is impossible to deliver to our Community an awesome Rally App without a proper leaderboard. So, as we love our Community (a lot) and also we want to be fair by showcasing publicly those users who deliver the best outcome and can be classified as super hard workers, we implemented an incredible Leaderboard for our super cool App!

Rally App´s Leaderboard ranks and tracks every signed-up member competing in our amazing campaign. This will allow you to track your own progress while keeping an eye on your competition.

The Leaderboard updates automatically every 12 hours and is shown off in real time. Check it daily for an extra boost of motivation!

❤️ Final words…  

Excited about our Rally App already? Those super BIG and AWESOME rewards we will be delivering to our most dedicated Community members are just waiting for you! This is your opportunity to join our growing family the right way while supporting and helping us spread the word at the same time. 

Log in each day, hunt for new and fun tasks to complete in one sitting, watch for the Leaderboard and earn and accumulate RPs to rank higher in order to grab JUICY REWARDS. So, what are you waiting for? JOIN US TODAY!


Sign up for Rally App here: https://rally.roamnetwork.xyz/

Official Website:https://www.roamnetwork.xyz